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National Public Health week is coming. This year, it will be held April 6-12. This is the perfect time to brush up on your knowledge of current public health issues. Here are five essential websites that will boost your awareness of national and global public health topics.

1. The World Health Organization

The World Health Organization website is a trusted source for public health information around the world. You will get world health news stories; information on disease outbreaks and global health data; key WHO publications and journals; and fact sheets about a wide variety of health topics. You also can learn more about the work WHO is doing in the world, for example, aiding the recent victims of Cyclone Pam in the South Pacific.

2. American Public Health Association

The American Public Health Association works to influence national health policies. On their site, you can review policy statements that help shape APHA’s position on legislation and regulations. The organization promotes interdisciplinary action to address the nation’s public health needs. With membership, you can gain access to the American Journal of Public Health. The APHA site also offers resources for professional development, including events and webinars. They provide a wealth of information covering some of the current major public health problems in the country.

3. Health Resources and Services Administration

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA.gov) promotes five main public health initiatives, including health equity, research health and data, and collaboration. You will find in-depth resources about a variety of public health concerns, such as obesity and behavioral health needs. One of the website’s gems is its cultural competency guides, aimed at decreasing health disparity through better understanding of specific populations.

4. The National Institute for Children’s Health Quality

The NICHQ aims to address the complex issue of obesity, one of the foremost public health concerns in the United States. Learn more about the projects the NICHQ is spearheading to help address childhood obesity. You also will find a toolkit for primary care providers to optimize collaborative, interdisciplinary care for children who are obese or at risk. The NICHQ provides other extensive resources for health care providers, such as obesity prevention advocacy training and a guide for health care professionals to partner with community based organizations.

5. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

You may have to do a little digging on this site to get to the gold, but there are priceless public health nuggets here. Perhaps one of the most valuable professional resources offered by the CDC is its public health grand rounds, webcasts that cover public health issues. You’ll also find resources on public health law and policy information, such as a table covering state-to-state Ebola protocols, and resources that delve into how the Affordable Care Act is affecting Native American and Native Alaskan communities. The CDC also provides in-depth information on chronic disease prevention, among other pressing public health issues.

Don’t forget local public health websites

Public health starts in our local communities. Familiarizing yourself with your local town and state public health websites is an excellent place to check in on public health concerns and advances in your area.


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