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#NursesWhoLunch campaign

Nurses, this is a call to action. We believe every nurse has the right to a real lunch break. And we believe it’s possible. Print a copy (or three) of Scrubbed In’s #NursesWhoLunch pact and rally your troops to sign a commitment to take a legitimate, restorative lunch break — each and every shift.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Read this post

It will tell you everything you need to know about why a real and true lunch break is so important, and what the best approaches are toward reaching that goal. Teach other nurses and administration about why lunch is so essential, using evidence-based research. Agree on what factors constitute a true lunch break. Think ahead about the unique challenges faced in your unit or workplace. Create a plan that includes periodic evaluation to troubleshoot problem spots.

2. Have everyone sign the #NursesWhoLunch pact

Then post it somewhere visible. Grassroots movements start with passionate individuals who commit to a cause and help one another reach that goal. Signing a lunch pact is more than just a ceremonial step. It adds weight to your dreams.

3. Get excited!

This could transform the workplace. Yes, something as simple as lunch. Employers who make this a priority are saying you’re worth it. And each individual who participates is claiming that they are of value.

4. The essential part: Go to lunch

Yeah, that part actually needs to happen. If you don’t do it, your co-worker may not, either. If you don’t value it, neither will your management team. So leave the unit. Put your feet up. Go for a walk. Use the restroom. Whatever you do, go to lunch.

5. Celebrate your success with our nursing community

If you’ve had your lunch break, tweet #NursesWhoLunch to @Nurse_com. Take a pic. Inspire other nurses to follow suit. Show them it can be done. Transform lunch culture by simply taking that break.

Go forth, fine nurses. Print the #NursesWhoLunch pact and get lunching!

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