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How should a nurse who wants to ultimately work in informatics area weigh two job offers? One is in med-surg; one in EMAR.

Dear Donna,

I am stuck between two job offers, with the main goal being what is best for a career in nursing informatics. I am an RN in school to bridge to an MSN in nursing informatics. I worked three years in long-term care, and am working in sub-acute care. I received a job offer at a hospital to work as a floor nurse for a med-surg floor. I figure getting acute care experience would be good.

As I put in my three-week’s notice for the sub-acute facility, they offered me a job rolling out the Electronic Medication Administration Records to their other facilities and additional work once everything is in motion. I know I wouldn’t look to stay in the EMAR job forever because the benefits are horrible and pay is not great. My thinking is that it is an opportunity to get some experience in to work with a team on projects. What should I do?

Torn Between Two Job Offers

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Torn Between Two Job Offers,

Ultimately, this is a decision only you can make. Here are some things to think about:

1. You don’t necessarily need acute med-surg experience to work in IT or NI. You already have several years of clinical experience.

2. Some nurses who never did hospital (acute care) work feel they are missing out on something. This can lead to diminished confidence. However, there are many nurses who never work in hospitals or even in the specialty of med-surg by choice for their entire careers. Everyone is different.

3. It doesn’t matter whether or not you plan to stay at either place of employment long term. All that matters is you feel challenged and excited about whichever choice you make.

4. If you take the hospital position, you may be able to work on IT projects even while a med-surg
staff nurse.

5. There’s no harm in asking the sub-acute employer if you can work on the EMAR project part-time or as an independent contractor, which might allow you to get the acute care experience and work
in EMAR.

Neither choice is good or bad, right or wrong. Each simply represents a different path to get to where you want to go. You have to follow your heart and listen to your gut. Read “To act or not, the decision is yours” ( for additional steps to help you choose between
two options.

Best wishes,

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