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5 ways to start your shift on the right foot

Want to have a great shift? It all comes back to how your day begins.

Follow these tips for starting your work day off on the right foot. Make them a habit and, before you know it, you’ve got a feel-good routine you can depend on to brighten your mood and keep you happy throughout the day.

1. Squeeze in some exercise

Even 10 minutes of exercise can boost those endorphins and get the blood flowing. It will make you feel accomplished before you’ve even walked through your unit’s doors. Take a brisk walk or climb some stairs if you can’t get a workout in before the day’s start.

2. Down some H2O

We all need to drink more water, but no nurse can manage a bathroom break every 10 minutes. Get a head start on your water intake by downing a 20-oz. glass of water two hours before your shift. You’ll have time to empty that bladder and you’ll have gotten in the lead with your water consumption.

3. Read an inspirational quote

A poignant phrase is all it takes to set the tone for the rest of your day. Write one down and keep it in your car or scrub pants pocket. Check out our quote compilations for inspiring words that will improve your day:

  • Quotes to warm your nursing heart
  • Chin up! Quotes to help you when …
  • Quotes for those nurse moments that would otherwise have no words

4. Stay calm during your commute

A long shift starts and ends with a commute. Don’t waste your precious energy by getting angry or frustrated during your travel time. Practice some of these tips to make your commute to and from work as enjoyable as possible.

5. Get a good night’s (or day’s) sleep

Sleep deprivation makes you tired, cranky and more prone to mistakes. Even if that mistake involves spilled coffee on your freshly washed scrub top, it can launch a domino effect of things not going your way. Getting a solid seven to eight hours of sleep is essential if you want to operate at your best. Here’s how to make that happen:

  • Tired of being tired? Tips to rise and shine
  • Quick tips: Sweet dreams, night nurse


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