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NASN asks school nurses to lead anti-bullying efforts

The National Association of School Nurses’ “See Something, Say Something” … The School Nurse Role in Bullying Prevention” program, tasks school nurses with taking an anti-bullying pledge and leading anti-bullying efforts at schools where they work.

The program, launched in November, reviews bullying prevention best practices and poses eight questions to aid school nurses in assessing whether a particular student is likely being bullied. Some of the best practices listed are conducting school and communitywide bullying assessments, increasing adult supervision in hot spots, such as the playground, and responding consistently and appropriately when bullying occurs.

The call to action for the pledge and general information about the program is handled through NASN’s internal discussion groups and social media posts. While there is no formal tracking of nurses taking the pledge, anti-bullying is always at the top of school nurses’ minds as is protecting the well-being of each child, according to an NASN spokesperson.

The pledge follows NASN’s publishing its position statement on bullying last January, which states, in part: “The school nurse has a significant leadership role in the implementation of bullying prevention policies and strategies.”

“School nurses know the only way to prevent bullying in schools is to change the environment,” said NASN President Carolyn Duff, MS, RN, NCSN, when asked about the anti-bullying pledge. “Changing the school environment means supporting positive student behaviors. School nurses both model positive behaviors and educate students in behaviors that show care and respect for all of their peers.”

The pledge suggests 27 courses of action for school nurses and seven other actions for school administrators. Some of the actions for nurses include reading at least one evidence-based article on bullying each semester, informing school and/or district personnel of the resources available at the website and screening for bullying during regular health assessments and sports physicals.

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