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Want to be a better nurse? Try these 5 courses

Continuing education courses are more than just a requirement for your license renewal. They are the best way to keep your clinical knowledge up-to-date and relevant to patient care and public health issues.

Any of these courses will help you gain knowledge that will inform your nursing practice and make you a more effective caregiver NOW.

1. Advance Directives: Conversations Matter

In this short and to-the-point CE, you will learn some surprising statistics about the prevalence of advanced directives, the barriers associated with having the conversation, and what kind of supports can assist the healthcare provider in guiding a patient to communicate what it is that they really want in the event of a healthcare crisis.

2. Ebola Virus Disease: Preparation and Prevention

Since October, there have been no reported cases of Ebola in the U.S. But Ebola remains a very real threat, not only for those in Liberia so greatly affected, but for the world at large. This is no time to pretend the threat no longer exists. This informative CE will tell you everything you need to know regarding the Ebola virus, including screening for probable and possible EV cases, appropriate isolation precautions, and the importance of an interdisciplinary treatment approach.

3. Measles: How to Approach Parents About Vaccination 

As measles re-emerges as a public health concern, the vaccination discussion is going to come up more and more. Not only might parents ask about vaccines in the workplace, but you might come across people who seek your opinion because they know you’re a nurse. Every time you address the importance of the measles vaccine, you are providing a public health service.

4. Building Collegial Nurse-Physician Relationships 

This CE is the perfect beginning to taking an active role in changing the culture of your workplace. Learn about the five different relationships styles between nurses and physicians, and specific strategies you can use to create a more collegial work environment.

5. Meeting the Healthcare Needs of America’s Military Veterans

There are 22 million veterans in the U.S., according to data collected by the United States Census Bureau. This CE provides a detailed overview of the many unique health challenges faced by our nations veterans. Included is a practical chart of helpful resources that may be effective for a veteran patient who is facing some of these challenges.

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