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Do you have any suggestions for an experienced nurse on how to find part-time or weekend nursing jobs?


Dear Donna,

I am 60 years old and need extra income. I am looking for a part-time or weekend nursing job. I already have a full-time job Do you have any suggestions other than going to an agency because I’ve tried that route with no luck?

Needs Extra Income

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Needs Extra Income,

Without knowing how flexible your full-time job is or what type of work you are doing (or want to do), I would suggest you contact ski resorts or amusement parks, depending on what type of climate you live in, about working in the first aid station. Weekends are their busiest time and weekend relief might be welcome.

Have you tried the “Job Search” feature here at ( Use “weekends” or “part time” as a keyword and then your location. You might come up with something.

You say you’re not having any luck with agencies but be sure you are speaking to the right type of agencies. There are nursing agencies that do primarily hospital staffing, which are not likely be your best bet. Seek out nursing and healthcare agencies specializing in part-time and temporary nontraditional placement. Find them by doing an Internet search for “healthcare employment agency.” Even some non-healthcare employment agencies have interesting part-time and temp work for nurses or those with a healthcare background.

You can contact some portamedic companies doing medical exams for insurance companies. Ask any life insurance agency which portamedic company they work with or do an Internet search for these companies. This type of work can be done on your own schedule and involves going to people’s homes or offices and taking a medical history and vital signs. You get paid per case. Many nurses and other healthcare professionals do this for supplemental income.

These are just a few examples. Be sure to get out to nursing career fairs to see what else might be available. There are often nontraditional employers and agencies there so you can speak to many recruiters and prospective employers under one roof. See what’s coming up in your area at

Best wishes,

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