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Florida RNs: Do you remember what you don’t remember? Blog RememberHow do we retain what we don’t want to forget? Some say eating breakfast helps. Or doing crosswords. Or snacking on broccoli.

There is no shortage of advice out there about memory and how to retain information. But the bottom line is, sometimes we just need a refresher.

That’s why starting this year, the Florida Board of Nursing requires its 269,760 nurses to take the CE course “The Florida Nurse Practice Act and Rules,” before renewing their license. The two-hour course includes content from Chapters 456 and 464 of the Florida Statutes, and the rules in Title 64B9 of the Florida Administrative Code, which pertains to the Nurse Practice Act.

“It refreshed some of the things I had forgotten, and I thought it was very useful,” Suzanne Paszkowski told after taking the course recently. Paszkowski, MN, CNM, ARNP, works at OB & GYN Specialists in Winter Park, Fla.

How refreshed are you?

Read these sample questions from the actual CE course to see how much you remember about your state nursing board and Nurse Practice Act. Need to take the CE course? WE HAVE IT HERE!

The Florida Board of Nursing has 13 members and includes:

A. Individuals who volunteer to serve on the board
B. Seven RNs
C. Four LPNs
D. Three “public” members who have no current connection with the practice of nursing, but were licensed nurses more than six years ago.

The methods of obtaining a license to practice nursing in Florida include:

A. Endorsement
B. Reciprocity
C. Successful passage of a licensure exam
D. Endorsement and/or successful passage of a licensure exam

The Florida Board of Nursing can discipline a nurse licensee for a violation of the Nurse Practice Act, its rules and other statutory mandates by:

A. Requiring CE courses
B. Payment of a fine
C. Probation, suspension or revocation of a license
D. All of the above

Did you take the CE course?

We’d like to know what you learned. Share your comments with us below!

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