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Home health rotation sets new career path

I read the article “Home is where the care is” ( and it is true. Before my home health rotation in nursing school, I wanted to be a surgical nurse, but the experience of seeing how the patients really are after hospital discharge was eye-opening. I worked for a year in a med/surg position, then found a job as a home care nurse. Two decades later, I still work as a visiting nurse.

I completed my MSN and considered a teaching position, but could not find a full-time position. The lure of home health pulled me back and continues to keep me. I love working in home care. The satisfaction of helping patients better care for themselves through my care and teaching is immense. I have been a preceptor for new nurses, student nurses and for those changing specialties into home care. The one-on-one relationships that I get to build with my patients helps to improve outcomes and bring a greater sense of accomplishment.

Yes, driving in winter weather is tough and the heat in summer can be wilting, but I wouldn’t trade my job for a hospital position. As our population ages they will continue to need skilled services as they stay in their homes. Home care nurses will continue to be an integral part of the healthcare continuum.
— Linda Snyder, MSN, RN, WCC
Ambler, Pa.

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