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What can an experienced nurse with an old criminal background do if she cannot find a job?


Dear Nancy,

I had an eight-year-old criminal background before I went to nursing school and petitioned the state board of nursing for my license. I was given my license due to the nature of the crime not having a direct bearing on nursing or patient care. I’ve been a nurse for six years. This year I have run into many problems trying to find employment. I’ve not had this problem before and the history is now 14 years old. I feel my gift is being wasted and I can make a difference in the field I love and be a good asset to any company.


Dear Nancy replies:

Dear Colleen,

You should be commended for completing the requirements you needed to get into nursing.

It is unclear why all of a sudden you are having difficulties finding a job. One guess may be that your state has passed a new law or regulation or has amended a prior statute or regulation making it difficult for anyone who has a criminal history to be hired for specific positions. You did not indicate what positions you are seeking, but the amendment or a new law/regulation may govern the hiring of those in healthcare with any type of criminal conviction or specified convictions.

If you are able, try to determine why you were not offered a position at those facilities where you sought employment. It might be somewhat easier to get the reason why you weren’t hired from facilities where you recently attempted to obtain a position.

Another option would be to consult with a nurse attorney or other attorney in your state to see if any new laws/regulations or current laws or regulations were passed that prohibit a nurse from being hired with a specific conviction or convictions.


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