You are here:--How can a BSN grad get a job in case management if every job post requires case management experience?

How can a BSN grad get a job in case management if every job post requires case management experience?


Dear Donna

I want to get into case management. All jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area seem to require one to two years of experience. How can you get the experience if you need it to get hired? Someone suggested seeking an internship, but I’m not sure I can afford to work for free. I have a BSN and I’m currently enrolled in an online CM program through UC Riverside to be completed at end of spring term. How do I crack
this nut?

Wants To Get Into Case Management

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Wants To Get Into Case Management,

If you rely exclusively on classified ads for job leads, it may seem like everyone wants experience. You can’t make generalizations about the overall job market based on what you see there. Only about 5% to 10% of all available jobs ever get into the classifieds. These positions are known as open jobs. The remainder of available positions are known as hidden jobs, and are those openings that exist but are never publicly advertised.

Nurses transition into case management all the time. But most of these positions are filled through networking or word of mouth. That doesn’t mean you have to know someone to get a job. It does mean you need to talk to enough people until you find someone who either has the authority to interview or hire you or can refer or recommend you to someone who can.

I suggest you attend local chapter meetings of the Case Management Society of America ( as a guest. Have business cards made, bring copies of your resume in case someone asks for yours, and talk to people. Express interest in each person you speak with and also mention your interest in transitioning into the specialty. Ask if you can make an appointment to do an informational interview ( at another time. When there’s something you want to do it makes sense to rub elbows with those already doing it.

You also should attend career fairs in your area. You can see what’s coming up at this link: ( You have to get yourself out there and do more face-to-
face networking.

When what you’re doing isn’t working, it’s time to try a new approach. Be more proactive in your job search and start making more personal contacts.

Best wishes,

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