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VA nurse takes his shoes off for veteran

A nurse is being recognized in a Jan. 22 article on the Veterans Health Administration website for “going the extra mile” for an ED patient.

Charles Maulden, RN, a nurse in the ED at Salisbury (N.C.) VA Medical Center, treated the veteran when he arrived in the ED in November with large blisters on his feet. “I took him back to be seen and his feet were in really bad shape,” Maulden said in the article. “He had these huge blisters on his feet that were taking up the entire ball of his foot right behind his toes on both feet. He had on dirty compression stockings that were stuck to his feet from the drainage of the blisters.”

Maulden got the stockings off, washed the patients feet well and used non-stick dressings to cover the blisters. Then he noticed what he thought might have caused the blisters — the veteran’s shoes. “I was looking at his shoes and they were just worn out and looked trashed,” Maulden said in the article. “There was no way his feet were going to heal up in those shoes, especially if he was homeless and walking through puddles and the cold weather.”

As it turned out, the veteran and Maulden shared the same shoe size. Maulden “I had on some fairly new shoes and had probably only worn them a few times,” he said. “I just couldn’t send him out there like that and I only had an hour left in my shift, so I figured I could get by wearing socks until I got home. I just put my shoes on him and asked him if they fit. He just needed a new pair of shoes and I had some, so I just gave them to him. It just felt like the right thing to do.”

Maulden wore medical shoe covers for the rest of his shift. “It just made my heart warm to know that one of the nurses would do that,” Ruth Lee, ED nurse manager and retired Army officer, said in the article. “I was so excited when I heard what he had done because I’m a veteran, and so to hear that someone would go that far to care for veterans — it’s just really very special.”


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