You are here:--How can an experienced chemical dependency and detox RN find a job in her speciality after relocating to a new area?

How can an experienced chemical dependency and detox RN find a job in her speciality after relocating to a new area?


Dear Donna,

I have experience working with chemical dependency and detox, from triage to discharge. I love the specialty, but I am new to this area of Florida. I am willing to commute 40 miles for work. How do I find a job in my specialty?

Looking for Chemical Dependency Work

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Looking for Chemical Dependency Work,

While does not provide job placement services, you will find many job openings listed here where you can search by area and specialty ( You’ll also find tons of articles, webinars and more about making the most of your job search and career choices here (

Because you are interested in the chemical dependency specialty, you should join and get active in the International Nurses Society on Addiction (

Even though they don’t list a chapter in your state, contact them to see about local events and conferences for networking as well as local contacts. If they identify a regional representative for the organization in your state, contact that person and introduce yourself. Let them know what you are looking for in a job.

You should go to local chapter meetings of the American Nurses Association even as a guest for now ( Networking, especially face-to-face networking, is well known to be a very effective way to find leads and get jobs. Since you’re new to the area, you’ll want to create a local support system of peers and networking is a good way to develop one. Many chapters of ANA have special membership or coalitions for LPNs.

Don’t hesitate to contact employers directly. Do some online research about facilities and treatment centers in your area and simply contact their human resource department. As a very experienced nurse, particularly one who enjoys working in the specialty, you would be a very desirable candidate. Let your passion and experience shine through and value what you have to bring to the table.

Best wishes,


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