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Find your niche in our 2015 Nursing Specialty Directory

Eileen P. Williamson, MSN, RN

Eileen P. Williamson, MSN, RN

January is a time for beginnings and new pursuits, and at we have something new we think you’ll love and use all year long — a free 2015 Nursing Specialty Directory digital app designed to help you find the nursing specialty right for you.

From our earliest days in nursing and at various times throughout our careers, we think about the many specialties our profession offers, the opportunities they can hold and which ones we might want to pursue. This new app is designed to help you with just that.

Easy to download and right at your fingertips, it lists dozens of specialties and provides a brief overview of each. It includes information on each specialty’s professional organization or association; what its leaders see as current important issues and trends and what initiatives and innovations they have under way.

You’ll learn how many association chapters some of these organizations have, the dates and locations for their 2015 conferences and how to click through the app to contact them. Also included are degree and experience requirements, salaries, how long the specialty has existed, number of members and certifications they hold.

All information in the 2015 Nursing Specialty Directory is designed to help you with decisions regarding a possible move to a new specialty and which one can best advance your career.

Editor’s note: The list of specialties is not all-inclusive. If you would like to see another one listed in the future or you don’t see your professional organization included, email [email protected] and let us know.

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