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Bullying still a problem

I read your article, “Kaplan survey: Nursing grads concerned about hostile work environments” (, and it was on point. I graduated in December 2013 and soon after started a job as a new nurse. The floor I was assigned to was terrible. I was bullied so much it brought me to tears before and after work. I began searching for a new job to get away from the harassment and the bullies. It is heartbreaking to me that nurses are supposed to be upstanding people and people you can trust, yet working with them has been the worst experience of my life thus far. I wish there was a way to stop workplace bullying, but in my case there wasn’t. I spoke to my manager and did not receive any help. My only option was to leave. I spoke up about the bullying because there were other new nurses and they were starting to get bullied like I had been. If I can help stop it for them, then I will feel accomplished. Thanks for the article. It made me feel like I am not alone.
— Name withheld
Crown Point, Ind.

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