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Funny replies when people find out you’re a nurse

When people find out you’re a nurse — whether it’s your child’s teacher or a stranger at a cocktail party — some reply in funny (and sometimes odd) ways. Most nurses have heard these replies at least once.

9 funny comments when people hear you’re a nurse

  1. “Can you look at my mole?”
  2. “Why not a doctor?”
  3. “I hear nurses make a lot of money.”
  4. “It must be nice to work 12-hour shifts and have four days a week off. What a life.”
  5. “How do you handle throw-up? I could never do that.”
  6. “How do you handle diarrhea? I could never do that.”
  7. “How do you handle blood? I could never do that.”
  8. “What do you do on the night shift while all of the patients are sleeping?”
  9. “You’re a saint.” (OK, so this one may not be too far off!)

Not to mention all of the friends and family who call with their health-related questions. (But we secretly like that.)

All humor aside, there also are many positive and heartwarming responses we hear. Stay tuned for those in an upcoming post!

Your turn

What have you heard when someone finds out you’re a nurse? Tell us in the comments below!

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