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Best posts from 2014, thanks to you!

As 2014 comes to a close, it’s a great time to take a look back at some favorite Scrubbed In posts along the way. Find some laughs, some tips and some inspiration. And (we hope you agree) you can share them in the new year!

The hottest topics

  1. 9 nurse colloquialisms: a primer for new nurses: Funny nurse lingo, with some great additions from readers
  2. 11 moments that excite nurses: Hilarious gifs illustrate the things that excite nurses the most
  3. The hospice nurse toolkit: See what we put in the toolkit, and then read the comments from some of our readers with additional indispensable tools
  4. 33 timeless truths in nursing: These will never go out of style
  5. 10 qualities found in the perfect nurse: If you could create the perfect nurse, what qualities would he or she have?
  6. 5 essential reads for student nurse: A list of must-reads to get through nursing school in one piece
  7. Professional foot forward scrub dos and don’ts: An indispensable guide to read and share
  8. Quick tips: venting v complaining: Find out the differences and figure out which you do most
  9. Quick tips: hello anybody out there?: How night nurses can strengthen their voice
  10. Quotes to warm your nursing heart: Brighten a tough day with one of these
  11. 50 reasons to thank a nurse, today and everyday: There are an infinite number more, but these are a good start

The best discussions: Take a peek & join the conversation!

  1. Developing steady self-worth
  2. Nurse entrepreneur series Q&A with Toni Scott
  3. Nurse coaching for nurses
  4. Self-care with self-massage
  5. Aromatherapy — the essentials of essential oils

Thank you, Scrubbed In readers, for a wonderful, supportive and engaging year. We hope to continue to guide, uplift and make you laugh — week in and week out! Happy New Year!

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