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Moms of preemies support Texas NICU nurse battling cancer

No one is more resilient than a premature infant, according to Sarah Lane, BSN, RN, a nurse in the NICU at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth. She has watched miracles unfold every day in the NICU, according to a news release.

As the 29-year-old Lane battles a rare form of endometrial cancer, the parents of preemies she’s cared for over the years are reaching out to return the same encouragement and support that made such a lasting impression on their families.

In fact, they often recite the exact words Lane used to comfort them: “This is just a bump in the road. Focus on the challenge in front of you. The days seem long, but when it’s over you’ll see the journey lasted a small period of time.”

“Parents tell me that I was instrumental to their healing and provided them with such positivity that they couldn’t have done it without me, so I won’t have to do this without them,” Lane said in the release.

Lane underwent surgery Sept. 18 to remove a large cancerous tumor that unbeknown to her had been growing behind her uterus, according to the release. Crippling stomach pain during her work shift sent her to Texas Health Fort Worth’s emergency room, where doctors discovered the tumor and learned it had ruptured. Lane has no history of health issues and her tumor is unexplainable. She’s undergoing chemotherapy.

“Like I tell our NICU families, your attitude is everything while facing health struggles,” Lane said in the release. “I know this time next year I won’t even be thinking about being sick.”

Nearly 20 moms of NICU graduates with whom Lane has kept in contact using social media have sent her inspirational messages and mailed her care packages. A group of them created a T-shirt adorned with their infants’ footprints and the words “always preemie strong.” Lane wears it to chemotherapy.
“Sarah always knows how to handle tough situations with moms in the NICU,”

Carrie Giddens, mother of twin boys cared for by Lane after they were born at 25 weeks gestation in 2011, said in the release. “You could be having your absolute worst moment and she would help you take a breath and step back. Leaving the NICU every night was one of the worst feelings, but knowing Sarah was there with my boys made me feel better. Right now I hope to help her make the best of things and to help her keep her chin up.”

Giddens became fast friends with Lane during the four months her sons were in the NICU. In the release, she said Lane is like family, attending birthday parties and cookouts. They recently went shopping together for a high-end wig to lift Lane’s spirits.

“The parents say I’m special to them,” Lane said in the release. “The support is coming full circle. We’ve all adopted the saying ‘fight like a preemie’ because we know there is nothing as strong or resilient as a preemie.”


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