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10 nursing truths during the holidays

We recently published a post titled “33 timeless truths in nursing.” But there are some truths that apply specifically to the holidays.

Read through our list of 10 nursing truths during the holidays and then tell us: What do you find true each and every year during the holiday season?

  1. Patients are just as sick as they are on other days.
  2. Being in the hospital during the holidays is hard on patients and families.
  3. No one wants to work on a holiday.
  4. Working on a holiday is never as bad as you anticipate.
  5. If you are working, you get to spend the holiday with your work family.
  6. You get to be someone’s comfort during the holiday.
  7. Not everyone celebrates the typical American holidays.
  8. It always feels good to discharge someone home just before the holiday festivities.
  9. Accidental injuries increase over the holidays.
  10. A warm smile and a soft touch are beautiful gifts.

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    Dean December 22, 2017 at 3:32 pm - Reply

    Working during the holidays I would think would be a real bummer. Looking on the bight side though, the patient doesn’t want to be there either. So if you can get a laugh or a smile, you really did something special for that poor soul. Here are some tips to keep the stress down.

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