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Nurse earns Ireland Research Travel Award

Texas resident Ann H. Johnson, MSN, RN, CPNP, a PhD candidate in the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nursing, has received a $1,000 Ireland Research Travel Award for her dissertation, “The Effects of Perceived Stress, Sleep, and Cortisol on Fatigue in 8 to 12 Year-Old Childhood Central Nervous System Cancer Survivors,” according to a news release.

Johnson is measuring the perceived stress level of school-aged central nervous system cancer survivors with brain and spinal cord tumors and also exploring stress response by measuring their salivary cortisol levels. She hypothesizes that cortisol stress response has mediating effects on the relationships between perceived stress, sleep and fatigue. Her results will shed light on the fatigue that cancer patients may be experiencing.

Johnson worked as an RN and PNP at Children’s of Alabama from 1990 to 1995. She conducted a related pilot study there in 2013 and wanted to continue her dissertation research at Children’s, a major referral center for neurological, oncological and sleep disorders.

Johnson, who resides in Fairview, Tex., which makes conducting her research at Children’s of Alabama complicated and expensive, will use the funds from the award to help with travel costs.

“The providers [at Children’s of Alabama] are leading experts in pediatric subspecialties and you cannot find a better study site in the southern United States,” Johnson said in the release.

She is also planning to recruit subjects from Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, Tex.

Johnson applied for several grants this year to help offset the costs of her travel and research. She also received the Louder Dissertation Scholarship for $1,000 and the Corrine Barnes Nursing Research Grant from Society of Pediatric Nurses for $2,500.

Johnson earned her bachelor’s in nursing at Houston Baptist University, her master’s in nursing from the UAB School of Nursing and anticipates completing her final dissertation defense at UAB in fall 2015.

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