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Do you have any job search suggestions for an RN without recent hospital experience who wants to relocate to New York City?


Dear Donna,

I have been an RN for 21 years. I’m unemployed, residing In Philadelphia but am interested in moving to New York. I’ve been aggressively searching for work in New York City, but I haven’t been getting many bites. Do you have any suggestions?

Dear Wants to Relocate to New York City

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Wants to Relocate to New York City,

You don’t mention what types of positions you are looking for or how you are searching. When what you’re doing isn’t working, it’s time to try a new approach.

Because you are currently unemployed, look for nursing volunteer work in the Philadelphia area while you continue to look for paid employment in New York City.

Volunteering will give you recent relevant experience to put in your resume and give you a chance to hone old skills and possibly learn new ones. You will be more marketable if you are at least volunteering as a nurse rather than being professionally idle. Look for these volunteer opportunities by contacting your local public health department, a free clinic or a blood bank.

Although nursing career fairs are on hold through the holiday season, they will start again in the early spring. So watch for events in New York and New Jersey and plan to attend: (http://

Career fairs are terrific job search/networking arenas because you can have face time with many different employers and agencies in one place. Read ( to learn how to get the most out of attending a career fair.

I would suggest you contact some nursing agencies in New York City who do nontraditional placement. Most hospitals are only hiring nurses with current hospital experience (within the last six months) but there are many other types of nursing employment available. You may even have to start with part-time and temp work and then transition into regular full-time employment. Some agencies only do hospital placement so make some calls until you find those that have alternative nursing options.

I also recommend that you attend my Career Alternatives for Nurses seminar in Atlantic City, New Jersey on March 25, 2015 as it is right in your area (

In this seminar I cover many different employment options including specific contact information in some cases. I also will teach you self-marketing skills that every nurse needs to know to thrive in today’s
job market.

For now, most importantly, get on the telephone and systematically contact anyone and everyone you know both in and out of healthcare. Let them know what you are ideally looking for and ask them to keep their eyes and ears open for you. Ask for leads, introductions, referrals and recommendations
as appropriate.

Networking or word-of-mouth is well known to be one of the most effective ways to find jobs and get hired. You don’t have to network with people located only in New York. The power of networking is far-reaching.

Best wishes,

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