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Where can nurses network other than CE courses and with RN friends?


Dear Donna,

In a couple of the continuing education classes I have attended most of the nurses were either complaining about their current jobs or how long they have been on unemployment. I am not finding continuing education classes a positive place to do networking as everyone is focused on their own problems. I do have friends who are RNs that are really happy with their jobs; those places are not
hiring nurses at this time.

Looking For Positive Networking Experiences

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Looking For Positive Networking Experiences,

Although you are not asking me a question in your post, I hear your frustration and presume you are seeking some advice on improving your networking and job-finding prospects.

Networking is something very misunderstood and underutilized by nurses in general. There are very specific ways and places to network when your objective is to find a job. By the same token, networking will not necessarily get you a job in a market not hiring nurses with your background. It sounds like you need to entirely shift gears and look in new directions for nursing employment and utilize new techniques to uncover those jobs and get hired. Even though you are not a new nurse please read “New nurse, new job strategies” (

You have to be very proactive in your networking efforts, including targeting individuals and groups you would like to be a part of or who are particularly influential and/or well connected. Read the “Scoop on informational interviewing” ( Be sure to have a simple business card made for yourself so you can exchange professional contact information with those you meet.

Please listen to my free webinar here at “Networking for Nurses: Is it Important?” ( You only have to pay the stated fee if you want the CEs. If you just want to listen and view the slides, it’s free.

You’ll find very detailed networking how-to advice in my book “The Ultimate Career Guide for Nurses” available everywhere books are sold.

Networking, regardless of your objective in doing it, is all about developing relationships. It’s not about asking a bunch of people for a job. It’s about regularly getting yourself out there, especially to nursing association meetings even as a guest, meeting new people, talking to them, staying in touch with them and getting additional contacts from them. You have to look sharp, talk sharp and act confident and upbeat, even if you don’t feel that way. Sometimes you have to fake it ’till you make it.

Since networking is only one part of a successful job search, here’s another article you may find helpful: “Ten steps to successful job search” (

Best wishes,

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