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What are some steps for RNs to take to become involved with nursing volunteerism in their communities?


Dear Donna,

I have been retired since April, at age 62. I would like to again work in nursing, but since I am financially situated, would care to do so as a volunteer. Volunteerism would give me an opportunity to give back for the many wonderful benefits I had received from my nursing career. I am sure there are local opportunities like flu clinics and such but I would like to do something more far reaching and to be able to fully utilize my expertise and experience.

I had put my name in with United Nations Volunteers and with Washington State Emergency Registry of Volunteers, but have not been contacted. What other steps can I take to be involved with nursing volunteerism?

Wants To Volunteer

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Wants To Volunteer,

It’s wonderful you want to give back and continue to use all the great knowledge and experience you have amassed in nursing. I have several ideas for you.

Contact some local chapters of the American Red Cross. They have many different types of opportunities for nurse volunteers, as does the American Heart Association and other social
service agencies.

Your local public health departments have opportunities beyond giving flu shots. Many hold well-baby clinics, health fairs for seniors, disaster management training and more.

Look for free clinics and community health centers where all or some of the staff volunteer their time to serve the community. Do an Internet search to find them in your community.

Another good source is One Nurse at a Time (, a nonprofit organization that helps nurses look for local, national and international volunteer opportunities.

You also can contact your state chapter of the American Nurses Association ( whether or not you are a member. They are often aware of volunteer opportunities in the state.

Best wishes,

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