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7 ways to thank a nurse

As Thanksgiving approaches, we spend more time thinking about the meaning of “thanks.” To me, thanks means “in humble appreciation.”

Who better to thank a nurse than a fellow nurse? Not only do we know how hard nursing can be, but we know how meaningful it feels to know our work has meant something. But while simply saying “Thank you,” can pack a lot of power, showing thanks through action makes an even bigger impact.

Here are 7 ways to show a nurse appreciation. The seventh is our bonus gift from to you — because the nursing community makes what it is, and for that, we thank you.

1. Nominate a nurse for a DAISY Award

Being nominated for a DAISY Award is an honor that many nurses would consider the pinnacle of their career. The Daisy award is the Oscar of nursing. Check here to see if your organization is affiliated with the Daisy award. Then nominate that special nurse.

2. Tell your supervisor about a great nurse

Supervisors, even the most connected of them, aren’t always able to witness the day-to-day heroics by the nurses on their team. Do you know a nurse who deserves recognition? Let your nurse manager know. Put it in writing. Your manager will be thrilled to hear a positive report, and your co-worker will feel wonderful that their work is noticed.

3. Treat a fellow nurse to a cup of coffee

It might seem inconsequential, but small, thoughtful acts can change someone’s outlook and make them feel appreciated. Don’t forget when someone does the same for you to receive it with gratitude — you deserve it, too.

4. Tell a nurse what makes them special

Ask co-workers to list positive qualities about a nurse and then give the list to them to keep. Draw names from a hat until there are no names left. It’s a good exercise in looking for the good in everyone. Even those co-workers that may not jive with the rest of the team all of the time. They might be the ones who need it most.

5. Recognize a nurse through the GEM Awards

Nominate a co-worker for the 2015 Nursing Excellence GEM Awards, a program that recognizes outstanding nurses in regions across the country. As luck would have it, nominations for the 2015 program just opened!

6. Run a pre-shift breathe-a-thon

Invite your fellow nurses to the break room or other enclosed space for 10 minutes of guided breath relaxation before the start of the shift. You get to say “thank you” to yourselves and all the nurses in that room through the simplest commonality — the breath.

7. Give the gift of education

From now until Nov. 30, is pleased to share this offer for $15 off Unlimited CE. Treat yourself. Then share it with a fellow nurse. Unlimited CE is an opportunity to choose courses you’ve always wanted while meeting your CE requirements.

As we go through Thanksgiving week, think about doing one or several of these small acts of thanks that will make a huge impact in the life of a fellow nurse.

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