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St. John’s Riverside nurses particpate in multi-site research studies

Nurses at St. John’s Riverside Hospital in Yonkers, N.Y., are participating in nursing research projects, managed by Paula Graham, MS, RN.

Two projects are underway, including “Perioperative Registered Nurses’ Knowledge, Attitudes, Behaviors, and Barriers Towards Pressure Ulcer Prevention in Surgical Patients” and ”Older Patient in Acute Care Setting Survey (OPACS-USA2).”

The perioperative project is a multi-site regional study designed to measure periop nurses’ knowledge, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors in preventing pressure ulcer development in surgical patients.

The study also will evaluate barriers to implementing best practice strategies and comes from a joint effort by Mercy College and the Hudson Valley Nursing Collaborative to Advance Research and Evidence-Based Practice.

The OPACS-USA2 project is a multi-site international study designed to validate a research instrument that measures acute care nurses’ knowledge about, practice experiences with and general opinions toward older patients.

This project is being conducted by a PhD student at the Utrecht University in the Netherlands, and includes five hospitals in the U.S. and four in the Netherlands.

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