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Children’s National nurse researcher participates in end-of-life care panel

Pamela S. Hinds, PhD, RN, FAAN, associate center director of the Center for Translational Science and director of the Department of Nursing Research and Quality Outcomes at Children’s National Health System in Washington, D.C., served on a 21-person committee of national experts who participated in the Institute of Medicine 2014 study on end-of-life care titled “Dying in America: Improving Quality and Honoring Individual Preferences Near the End of Life,” according to a news release.

The report finds that improving the quality and availability of medical and social services for patients and their families would enhance quality of life through end of life, and contribute to a more sustainable care system in the U.S. The report addresses children and adults, and discusses the need for public engagement and education on end-of-life issues, where Children’s National has developed a leading role in interventional research, Hinds said.

“By improving the care of dying in this country, we will improve the care of the living because we are all quite connected in multiple and lasting as well as intermittent ways,” Hinds said in the release. “In so doing, we can particularly focus on the health needs of families and loved ones of those who are dying because we now know there can be a tremendous impact on them emotionally, mentally, socially and even on their survival or longevity.”

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