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What job would have the most longevity: chargemaster or utilization management?


I’m a BSN-prepared nurse who is soon to graduate with an MSN. I love my current position, which I’ve been in for two years, but am concerned the job may become obsolete in three to five years.

I am the RN Revenue Cycle Coordinator for a 396-bed nonprofit sole community hospital. I maintain the chargemaster among other things. There’s an opening in utilization management. I feel I need to set myself up for the next 10 years and am thinking UM will be the better long-run strategy.

Any thoughts out there as to the longevity of chargemaster versus UM?


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Chargemaster,

There is no way to predict with any certainty whether your current position will become obsolete. Even if it did, though, your experience with reimbursement, medical coding and billing and related
matters will serve you well in many different settings and roles, now and in the future.

With all the changes going on in healthcare, it is impossible to predict what will be “hot” 10 years from now. So much can happen even in your personal life that can influence your needs and opportunities. I’d say if you are interested in making a change and see an opportunity in utilization management, which is a great specialty too, then certainly consider it. But know you also will have the option to get into UM down the road if you don’t take this current opportunity. You’re not really guaranteeing anything either way.

Sometimes you just have to go with your gut. There are not always clear choices at every fork in the road. There are no wrong decisions, only different experiences or different lessons to learn. For help with making decisions, read “To act or not, it’s your decision” ( Follow your heart and the rest will work itself out.

Best wishes,

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