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I am involved in a whistleblower case in Illinois. I read the 2012 article “RN whistle-blowers summon moral courage” (, and it was a welcomed piece of information. This struggle has been long, hard and devastating. Since reading that article, I have found many people who are standing up for the right issues. I hope that revisits this topic in the near future. It keeps corporate America straight if insiders step up and are courageous enough to address in-house concerns, especially in healthcare.

I watched a Senate hearing that addressed whistleblowers and how the laws do not protect them. A physician spoke on the panel about millions of dollars of grant money that was never used for research on veterans’ traumatic brain injury and how his career was destroyed after he reported the fraud. How pervasive is this problem in hospitals today? Are we adopting a culture of silence?

We have huge, costly conventions about Magnet status but are not really addressing the serious issues that affect patient care because nurses are afraid of retaliation. At that point we are creating a facade of excellence if we are not supporting our whistleblowers.
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