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Ebola fears

The article “Nurses throughout region remain vigilant, cautious about Ebola” ( highlights a fear that healthcare workers face about Ebola. As nurses, we constantly face a multitude of threats while rendering treatment. We sometimes perform care only to later find out about contagious organisms requiring isolation. Nurses operate as soldiers; we are constantly on guard for our safety.

I was able to relate to the Mount Sinai nurse’s feelings of anxiety toward being placed in a situation before fully grasping the training for Ebola preparedness. Improper procedure can be risky to our lives. With Ebola, one mishap of technique can be costly to our lives, as well as those of our families.

This is an eye opener for healthcare facilities, making them more vigilant in screening for Ebola, isolating anyone who presents with the symptoms along with a recent travel history to an affected area. The two patients suspected of having Ebola at Mount Sinai helped staff to review and implement more effective procedures for actual Ebola cases. The scenario is an example of the continuous evaluations and improvements that nursing undergoes to provide quality care.
— Selena Victor-Ferary, RN
Brooklyn, N.Y.

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