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How can a nurse let her supervisor know about all of her job accomplishments without sounding like she’s bragging?


Dear Donna,

My employee evaluation is coming up in a few months. I want to be sure my supervisor is aware of all the things I’ve been doing in the department, beyond my job description, that I would like to get recognized for on the appraisal. Is there a tactful way I can be sure she knows about my activities without sounding like I’m bragging?

Gearing Up for an Annual Appraisal,

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Gearing Up for an Annual Appraisal,

Every nurse can and should make his or her supervisor aware of their practice-related activities, professional goals and even association involvement on a periodic basis, but especially prior to an annual review.

About a month before your scheduled evaluation, give your supervisor a summary of your professional accomplishments and activities from the prior year. Your supervisor can’t possibly keep track of everything you and all of your co-workers do in the course of a day. Some supervisors have less and less contact with employees and don’t even know about half of their activities. If you submit this report any less than a month before your scheduled evaluation or anniversary date, your supervisor may have already made out the evaluation, and you miss the opportunity to have input.

Don’t mention routine job duties and responsibilities in this report. Instead, list committees you’ve sat on, special projects you’ve worked on and presentations you’ve made such as in-services, grand rounds and community education. If you’ve periodically filled in as charge nurse or worked with students or new hires, mention that, too. Include professional association activities, CE courses completed and any formal education or certification you are pursuing. Don’t expect any of this to be obvious to your supervisor. Keep good records during the year so you don’t have to rack your brain for this type of information come evaluation time.

For additional tips and advice, read “Make the most of your employee evaluation” ( And if you are ever asked to do a self-review, a common practice at some places of employment, here is a previous post on the subject with some related tips: (

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