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DAISY Spotlight: Katalin Kovy

DAISY Award honors Florida nurse who cared for Vietnam veteran

Katalin Kovy, RN, an ICU nurse at NCH Healthcare System in Naples, Fla., received a DAISY Award in August. She was nominated by a patient’s family member who was impressed by the care Kovy gave her father.

The nominator said her father, a Vietnam War veteran, was admitted to the hospital in the early hours of July 13 and stayed for several days. “We saw several nurses attend to my father during this week but there is one nurse that stands out far above the rest, Katalin Kovy,” the nominator wrote. “She was so caring and dedicated to my father. I truly believe that her expertise in caring for brain injury patients saved my father’s life.”

According to the nominator, Kovy was the first nurse who asked about her father’s medical background and its implications for his recovery. The nominator said Kovy asked detailed questions about the patient’s liver transplant, pneumonia incidents and PTSD from the Vietnam War. Kovy wrote down all the information and discussed her observations and concerns with the doctor and returned with specific additional tasks to perform on the patient.

“She was the first nurse to recommend we keep my dad elevated between 30 and 40 degrees to help his lungs and blood flow,” the nominator wrote. “She inquired about anti-depression and anxiety medicine. She explained to us the possible use of the ventilator and how everyone taking care of dad had to be careful with the significant risk of pneumonia. She also was the first to take the time to place pillows under his arms, which made a big difference for his comfort, as well as placed the pro-circulation white leg warmers to encourage circulation.”

The nominator said Kovy “gave us much more confidence that my dad was in the best facility for his care and NCH had the right people to treat my father, a decorated war hero, and Washington, D.C. retired policeman.”

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