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DAISY Spotlight: Jae Kim

New York RN who helps wheelchair-bound woman wins DAISY Award

Jae Kim, RN

Jae Kim, RN, Mount Sinai Beth Israel in New York City, received a DAISY Award in September. He was nominated by a coworker/supervisor who called him a “role model” and “ambassador” for the hospital.

According to the nominator, Kim learned of the pending discharge of one of his patients, which depended on the patient’s ability to get a wheelchair and demonstrate she could transfer from the bed to the wheelchair. The patient said she had a wheelchair at home but it was too small. The attending physician did not feel comfortable discharging the patient without this piece of equipment because she had very limited mobility due to a spine illness.

When Kim learned the lack of an appropriate size wheelchair might delay this patient from going home and increase her length of stay, he offered her a wheelchair he no longer needed for one of his home care patients, according to the nominator.

“Mr. Kim delivered the wheelchair to the patient’s house, assembled it in her home and made sure she was comfortable using it prior to his departure,” the nominator wrote. “He also brought her medical supplies that he no longer needed for his home [care] patient.

“He showed compassion and dedication to enhancing the patient experience … He should be commended for going above and beyond to ensure his patient received the care she really needed at a time when she was very vulnerable.”

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