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9 nurse colloquialisms: A primer for new nurses

New nurses may not be privy to some of the … er … linguistic nuances in healthcare lingo. This is a list of nurse colloquialisms you may come across as you get your sea legs in the real world of nursing.

  1. Frequent flier

    Noun. A patient who comes back again and again and again.

  2. Code brown

    Noun. A bowel movement, often loose that doesn’t land in the toilet, bedpan or commode.

  3. Murse

    Noun. A nurse who also happens to be a male.

  4. Bad stick

    Adjective. A patient with notoriously difficult veins for IV placement or lab collection.

  5. Nursecasm

    Noun. A form of humor that helps nurses cope with the stressors of the job. Courtesy of a Scrubbed In reader!

  6. Incedenteloma

    Noun. A CT finding found incidentally, usually of insignificance, but causing a lot of emotional distress for patients. Courtesy of The Happy Hospitalist. 

  7. LII

    Noun. Acronym for laugh-induced incontinence. (Patients and nurses with a sense of humor are at high risk.)

  8. Turf

    Verb. The perceived act of getting rid of difficult or challenging patients by transferring them to another unit. It’s usually the other unit that calls it a “turf.”

  9. Helicopters

    Noun. Excessively nervous parents of pediatric patients who are always hovering.

Your turn

What’s your favorite nurse colloquialism? Share with us (as long as they’re respectful and reasonably clean!).

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