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Should I include volunteer work on my resume?


Dear Donna,

Should I include volunteer work on my resume?

Likes to Volunteer

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Likes to Volunteer,

Certain volunteer work can enhance your resume It should be included under a heading: Volunteer Work. List anything connected to healthcare and care giving (including activities with children) or that demonstrates leadership or other relevant skills. If you have done a lot of volunteer work, you should be selective with what you list. Less is always more.

If, for example, you have done fundraising for an animal shelter, went to Haiti on a medical mission, helped clean up a county park, gave flu shots at a free clinic and worked at a local soup kitchen, you might list only the medical mission, free clinic and soup kitchen. They’re all worthwhile, but you should focus on the most relevant and significant. Even though the soup kitchen isn’t healthcare related, it says something about your character and community spirit. If you were interviewing for a job where fundraising would be relevant, you could mention your work with the animal shelter in a cover letter or an interview.

You should avoid listing volunteer activities that might reveal protected and personal information or views that could adversely influence an employer’s hiring decision. These might include political parties or controversial organizations. Use your best judgment and be selective.

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