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11 moments that excite nurses

It’s often the little things that bring us the most joy. In nursing, it’s no different.

This is a compilation of some of those moments in a nurse’s day that make us far more excited than any non-nurse would understand.

1. When the most challenging patient of your career gets discharged

2. When a doctor accuses you of making a mistake and then sheepishly realizes you actually saved them from making one

3. When you prime IV tubing, set up the pump, and no air bubbles

4. When you succeed in taking middle-of-the-night vital signs without waking up your patient

5. When your admission from the ER winds up getting sent home instead of coming to you

6. When the nurse who gave you report at the start of your shift is coming back in, so quick updates are all that are required

7. When you passed the NCLEX

8. When your absolute favorite team of nurses and docs is working your shift

9. When the surgeon’s in a good mood. And smiling. And joking.

At first you’re like this:

And then you’re like this:

10. When a prime-time TV show features a nurse who is smart, fierce and saves a life. Or several.

11. When you suction a huge mucous plug from your patient’s endotracheal tube

Your turn

What makes you excited? Your answer might get featured in the next installment of things that excite nurses!

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