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10 momentary nursing scares

Halloween is a fun time of year filled with tricks, treats and the occasional entertaining fright-fest. But who ever thought nursing could be downright scary? Here is Scrubbed In’s list of nursing scares that might make you jump out of your skin momentarily (and chuckle, too).

You might get scared when …

  1. You think salt-free crackers and sugar-free Jell-O taste great.
  2. You wake up from a dead sleep and can’t tell if it’s morning or night or a weekday or a weekend or if you’re supposed to be at work or if you ARE at work.
  3. The unit is quiet.
  4. Someone says out LOUD that the unit is quiet.
  5. You get floated to another unit — there is a small percentage of nurses who don’t mind, but some of us feel like we’re being sent to a brand-new school filled with kids we don’t know.
  6. Your manager says, “Can we talk for a minute?” (But phew! She only wants to congratulate you on a job well done.)
  7. You think about all the microbes you come into contact with every day.
  8. Your cardiac patient’s monitor looks like V.Tach (but then you discover they were just suddenly very itchy).
  9. You remember on your drive home that you forgot to write your nursing note.
  10. You wake up in a cold sweat from a work-related nightmare.

But don’t be too frightened. You’re not alone — your fellow nurses can relate. And there’s nothing like a patient’s smile or a big “thank you” from a doc to soothe those temporary (and quirky) nursing scares.

Your turn

What are some lighthearted scares you’ve experienced as a nurse? Share them with us.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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