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MJHS launches new palliative care institute

Citing the need for improved access to specialist-level community-based palliative care, MJHS has announced the launch of the MJHS Institute for Innovation in Palliative Care.

“As the focus of healthcare changes in response to demands for higher quality and lower cost, those with chronic or advanced illnesses must have access to specialist-level palliative care at home or in nursing homes,” Eli S. Feldman, CEO of MJHS, said in a news release. “The Institute for Innovation in Palliative Care will help change the healthcare landscape and support the emergence of community-based palliative care through research, education and quality improvement activities.” 

The institute, according to the release, has three areas of focus: research and analytics; education and training; and quality and performance improvement.
Led by Russell Portenoy, MD, the goal of the institute will be to promote access to evidence-based, specialist-level palliative care for patients and families coping with serious or advanced illness, whenever and wherever palliative care is needed, according to the release.

The institute’s research and analytics efforts will focus on collecting evidence that will inform treatment and the need to assess the benefits and burdens of new systems of care.

Education and training initiatives will be devoted to encouraging more practitioners to specialize in palliative care.

Quality and performance improvement programs will be committed to the development of measures and strategies that may be broadly applied to new programs in community-based palliative care. Underpinning all institute activities, according to the release, will be advanced, Web-based training and technology-driven initiatives to optimize information management, communication and education.

“The healthcare landscape is shifting from hospital-based care to community-based care,” Portenoy, director of the institute and chief medical officer of MJHS Hospice and Palliative Care, said in the release. “The academic goals of the institute complement the work of clinical programs. We have the ability, from day one, to train the next generation of professionals and create evidence-based resources essential for the growth and development of palliative care in home and nursing home environments.”

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