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5 essential reads for the student nurse

We know how hard it is to get through nursing school.

We’ve all been there.

You’re going to struggle at times and it’s going to be more challenging than you ever thought possible. But the pride you will feel upon reaching that goal will be invaluable.

Still, you can use all the help you can get! These books provide you with tips, knowledge and inspiration so you get through the process with confidence.

1. “Fast Facts for the Student Nurse”

By Susan Stabler-Haas, APRN-BC, LMFT

Fast Facts for the Student Nurse addresses some of the most common issues faced by nursing students. Author Susan Stabler-Haas covers topics such as work/study arrangements, NCLEX testing, continuing and graduate education, and learning styles. Having taught more than 1,000 students, Stabler-Haas uses real-life examples to dole out straightforward advice. You can take a sneak peak at the book here.

2. “Mastering Test-Taking Anxiety: How Nursing Students Can Relieve Exam Stress and Fear”

Published by Chicago Test Prep

There are many nursing students who freeze when taking exams, forgetting everything they know when overcome with test-taking anxiety. “Mastering Test-Taking Anxiety Test Mastery Advantage Series — Nursing Book 1)” is an essential guide to overcoming this obstacle. The principles taught in this guide can not only help the nursing student get through school, but prepare them for the ultimate exam, the notorious NCLEX.

3. “Man Up! A Practical Guide for Men in Nursing”

By Christopher Lance Coleman, PhD, MS, MPH, FAAN

More and more men are entering the nursing profession. But nursing remains a female-dominated profession, leaving men feeling a little bit marginalized among their peers. “Man Up! A Practical Guide for Men in Nursing” provides expert advice to male nursing students and practicing nurses alike.

4. “What I Wish I Knew about Nursing”

By Allie Wilson and Marty Wilson

Filled with inspiration, “What I Wish I Knew about Nursing: Real Advice from Real Nurses on How to Deeply Care for Patients While Still Caring for Yourself” highlights the experiences of 200 seasoned nurses and what they learned along the way. Many of the stories serve to reassure nurses, regardless of level of experience, that you are not alone. Nurses are human. One laugh-out-loud example: A brand new nurse is asked to clean the false teeth of the patients on a medical ward. She collects them all to clean them, only to find that she didn’t know whose teeth belonged to which patient. The patients needed to try the teeth on to find their match.

5. “Nursing from Within”

By Elizabeth Scala

This is a must-read. In “Nursing from Within”, Author Elizabeth Scala explores the problems nurses face in a demanding and stressful work environment, then “shares proven and effective strategies for creating shifts in your perspective, empowering you to take on the challenges of nursing with a confidence and vitality that will bring the joy back to your chosen profession.” The sooner nurses learn how to replenish and care for themselves, the better off they’ll be in the long-term. What better place to start than in nursing school?

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