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Carroll Hospital Center honors September DAISY Award winner

Suzanne Harrison, RN, was presented with the September DAISY Award at Carroll Hospital Center in Westminster, Md. A nurse at the hospital for close to 20 years, Harrison was honored for her expert and compassionate care of patients and her outstanding skills as a team player in her department, according to a news release.

“Suzanne is an extraordinary nurse who has the greatest ability to brighten everyone’s day. She consistently recognizes others for their accomplishments and good deeds, so now we’re happy to recognize hers with this DAISY Award,” Stephanie Reid, BSN, MBA, MHA, RN, vice president of quality and CNO at Carroll Hospital Center, said in the release.

Carroll Hospital Center’s DAISY Award was created to honor outstanding healthcare professionals at the hospital, and is given to a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse each month to recognize their extraordinary efforts in delivering exceptional patient care.

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