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Can a nurse who has been at a job for six weeks be terminated if she has not been given the proper training?


Dear Nancy,

I am a new LPN. My first and current job is working as a LPN supervisor at an assisted living retirement facility. I was recently put on suspension pending termination after my DON wrote me up four times for things I had brought to her attention. I was never trained on the MAR system. I brought this to the attention of the executive director but was still suspended. Can I be terminated if I wasn’t given the proper training? I only have been in this position six weeks. There were complaints against me that were not brought to my attention until the day I was suspended. I don’t want to lose my first nursing job.


Dear Nancy replies:

Dear Liza,

Without knowing more, you need to seek the specific advice of a nurse attorney or other attorney in your state who works with employees. What is not known from your question is if there are any specific state laws that might prohibit your termination.

Most often, terminations during an at-will employee’s probationary period, which may be three or more months, are not protected from prohibitions from termination that protect a permanent employee once the employee completes the probationary time frame. As an example, the employer’s progressive disciplinary policy (e.g., notice of complaints, verbal or written notices of being placed on a probationary or other status) do not apply to the probationary employee.

Your voiced concern to the executive director with no results is something you need to discuss with your attorney. Being written up for issues brought to the attention of administration with no results (such as adequate training) may be very helpful in your situation despite your status as a
probationary employee.


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