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WCN executive director plans to step down in 2015

Washington Center for Nursing Executive Director Linda Tieman, MN, RN, FACHE, has chosen to step down effective March 31, 2015. She shared some insight about her role and the organization.

What have your years at the helm of WCN meant to you?

Tieman: Being passionate about nursing, social justice and women’s rights, [my role with WCN} has fit for me. I’ve worked with many equally committed individuals across Washington and the U.S., and learned from and with them. I’m proud of the changes in nursing education in Washington, the enhanced visibility nursing leaders have here, the great data we have and the students we’ve mentored. We’re part of the National Forum of State Nursing Workforce Centers, which led the nursing workforce data development in the U.S.

Can you tell us about one top accomplishment during your tenure?

Tieman: Nursing has higher visibility across the state, and is an expected participant in conversations where critical decisions are made. WCN has convened many groups and collaborated mercilessly. Our focus on inclusion and diversity, the minority nurse-mentoring program, the diversity advisory committee and our outreach to K-12 students are hallmarks of WCN’s vision for the future. So is there one? Not really. [There have been] many outstanding staff, colleagues and interested parties, so many satisfying outcomes.

What are your plans for the future?

Tieman: Initially, I want to take osme time to rest and reflect. This has been a wonderful and busy 10 years. Having the opportunity to start a small nonprofit has taught me a lot about business leadership. Myh goal is to hand a sound, well-oiled energetic organization over to the new leader. I’m interested in policy, so will be looking in that direction. I want to influence what happens in Washington. It’s an exciting time for nursing and healthcare.

The Washington Center for Nursing Board of Directors will begin the search for Tieman’s replacement soon. The Board’s highest priority is that WCN’s work continues under long-term, stable leadership.

WCN details accomplishments during Tieman’s 10-year tenure

For the past 10 years, Tieman has led efforts to promote the nursing profession and advance the nursing workforce in Washington State to meet healthcare needs today and for the future, according to a news release. Here are some of the WCN highlights achieved under her tenure, according to the Washington Center for Nursing Board of Directors. Tieman has:

-Facilitated important relationships with key stakeholders in the state as well as nationwide to enhance nursing education and practice;
-Became a repository on nursing workforce data and resources;
-Taught thousands of K-12 students and their families about opportunities and careers in nursing through WCN’s participation in career fairs and other community events;
-Promoted nursing career mobility and nursing leadership development through statewide workshops with acclaimed facilitators;
-Raised more than $1 million for nursing scholarships, faculty fellowships and nursing school expansion grants though a partnership with the Johnson & Johnson Promise of Nursing for Washington Gala;
-Acquired two Academic Progression in Nursing grants from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to support the IOM’s “Future of Nursing” recommendations of having a more highly prepared, diverse nursing workforce that is poised to lead health care.

The board will begin the search for Tieman’s replacement soon. Its is highest priority is that WCN’s work continues under long-term, stable leadership, Victoria Fletcher, MSN, ARNP, FACNM, the center’s board president, said in the release.

“Although the board is sad to accept Linda’s resignation, we want to thank Linda for her remarkable service,” Fletcher said. “She has brought a fresh perspective, endless energy and dedication to nursing workforce issues over the past 10 years, and has established a strong foundation upon which we will continue to build. We wish her the best with her future plans.”

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