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Long story short

The Next Shift is a new series of stories inspired by nurses and presented by The Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future. Share your story at

We asked our experienced readers to share the wisdom they have gained from their own careers to help guide the next generation of nurses, and we’re excited by the response we’re getting. Here, we feature quick contributions from four nurses. Keep the stories coming! They may be featured in magazine, on our website or in a special collection in 2015. Share your story at

Faith and compassion

Over the years, this profession has helped to create a wonderful tapestry in my soul. Nursing has made me realize that healing others always holds a substantial connection to our own personal healing. I’d like to share some words of wisdom from my personal experiences:

Cut through sorrow with a smile. Give hope even though yours may sometimes waiver. Give strength even during your weakest times.

Show patients empathy; they are uneasy because of their sickness.

Our strong faith and compassion, I believe, is the heart of the whole medical team. God bless nurses and those who are about to be part of this noble profession. The whole world is counting on us.

— Joyce Catain, BSN, RN, Pohnpei,
Federal States of Micronesia

Always try

Years ago, when I was a district public health nurse, I went to see a young woman who had 2-year-old twins (a boy and a girl) and a newborn baby. I noticed the 2-year-old girl had very decayed teeth. I told the mother that she needed dental care, and I gave her some advice about home care. I fully expected her to ignore my advice. When I visited the family a month or so later, I noticed she had taken my advice and taken her daughter for dental care. The mother said, “You said she needed dental care, so I took her to a dentist.”

She ended up being one of my most dedicated, favorite mothers.

After that experience, my philosophy and policy was to always try to counsel and reach out to patients and family members. You never know when you are going to make a connection.

— Judy Myers, RN (retired), Phoenix

Take care of them

To the nurse who takes my place, I leave you my best practices in nursing. I have done everything I could to comfort and care for my patients. When I leave after my shift, a piece of my heart remains with them. All I ask from you is that you take care of them the best you can. You know far more than you think and can handle anything that may come. Remember, stay calm and ask for help in moments of uncertainty. You can and will do this!
— Helen Macchiavelli, RN , BSN, CCRN, Brigantine, N.J.

We’re all human

Never be intimidated by a person’s status, such as that of a surgeon or neurologist. We are all human.
— Sue Higgins, RN, CNOR, Oakley, Calif.

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