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Are there specific certifications for nurses in coaching?


I read an article in the about current trends in nursing. I am very interested in the nurse as a coach trend. I have my MSN, with a concentration in education. I have 42 years of continuous nursing experience with seven years working with children with developmental disabilities, with a focus on children with autism. I have also worked extensively with children 0-3 years of age and I am very knowledgeable in normal growth and development of children. Are there specific certifications for nurses in coaching? I am especially interested in
family/parent coaching.

Interested in Nurse Coaching

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Interested in Nurse Coaching,

You’re probably referring to a recent article, “Nursing — A new paradigm,” where I outline the direction that healthcare and nursing (

Nurse coaching is a hot trend whether as a wellness, life, career or family/parent coach as you mention. You certainly have a great background for the latter. Life is so complex, stressful and overwhelming at times that having one person to help set and attain goals (whether personal, professional or health-related) and to be there for support is a very valuable and much needed service.

There are lots of folks with varying backgrounds offering parenting/family coaching. Do an Internet search and get in touch with some of them. Do some informational interviewing and learn how to make the most of such interviews by reading the article, “The scoop on informational interviewing” (

Coaches in any specialty do not need to be certified. As an RN, you are already a “licensed” coach. Coaching is simply a particular way to work with an individual/family, expanding on what we already do and have done as a nurse. You can further develop your expertise in this area as well as your business skills through self-study.

That being said, The International Coach Federation ( is a great association for anyone coaching in any discipline. Attend local chapter meetings as a guest for now.
When there’s something you want to do it makes sense to rub elbows with those already doing it. ICF offers coaching certification but, again, it is not necessary to have certification, especially since you already have an even more valuable healthcare credential. Don’t ever minimize or undervalue the significance of the RN credential and all that is behind it. Also consider joining the National Nurses in Business Association (

Many states have state-run parenting programs. If you are trained in such a program, you may be able to present for them. I mention this merely as a resource for you, not necessarily as a job option. Although it might be an interesting way to get your feet wet in this world and receive some free training.

Best wishes,

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