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I have been on six interviews, but have not been hired. What do you recommend?


Dear Donna,

I’m an associate degree-prepared RN with 25 years of experience. I have spent 21 years in home care. I have been on six interviews, with large and small insurance companies and for correctional managed care, school nurse and hospital admissions positions. I have been unable to get a new job. What do you recommend?

Unable to get a job

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Unable to get a job,

The fact that you’re getting interviews is great. But if you’re not getting any offers, then it’s a good idea to step back and evaluate how you’re presenting yourself in an interview. This includes your appearance, your communication and social skills, how you respond to usual questions and even your follow-up after the interview. Read “Job hunting challenges take some trouble shooting” at

Interviewing is both an art and a science, and in a very competitive job market you have to present yourself as one of the best, if not the best, candidate for any job. If you have never formally read about or been taught good interview skills, some self-study is in order. I provide very detailed and comprehensive interview advice in “The Ultimate Career Guide for Nurses book” ( But here a few articles to get you started: “Put your best foot forward for maximum impact” at; “Interview to knock their socks off” at and “Follow-up is good form” at

Consider calling someone who interviewed you, but didn’t offer you the job. Pick someone with whom you felt comfortable or admired. Give the person, who may have interviewed scads of people, something to jog his or her memory. Say something like: “You may recall I interviewed for the admissions nurse position a few weeks ago. I was the nurse from Central City with the home-care background. I’m always trying to move forward in how I present myself. You’re someone I respect and admire, and I hoped you’d give me some tips on improving my interview skills.” Though this takes a little courage, it can yield valuable feedback.

If you live in the New York area or can travel there, I am presenting my Career Alternatives for Nurses seminar there on Oct. 24 for the last time in 2014. In the seminar, I provide lots of information on acing the interview (how to dress, what to say, what to do), ways to effectively market yourself and ways to find and land the job you want. Register at

Take the advice in the above referenced articles and book and give yourself an interview makeover. Then get a fresh start with your new skill set and get that job.

Best wishes,

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