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Emory receives third Ebola patient

A third patient with Ebola virus disease arrived at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta Sept. 9. The patient, who was transported by air ambulance from West Africa, will be treated in the same isolation unit in which American healthcare workers Kent Brantly, MD, and Nancy Writebol were treated this summer.

“We are bound by patient confidentiality and have no information regarding the status of the incoming patient,” the hospital stated in a news release.

Emory University Hospital has a specially built isolation unit set up in collaboration to treat patients who are exposed to certain serious infectious diseases. It is physically separate from other patient areas and has unique equipment and infrastructure that provides a high level of clinical isolation, according to the release.

Meanwhile, the U.S. government donated five ambulances Sept. 10 to help Sierra Leone’s fight against Ebola. The West African government acknowledged it can take up to 24 hours to pick up bodies of Ebola victims, according to media reports, which can result in further spread of the disease since victims remain contagious after death. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced it will spend $50 million on efforts to seek a vaccine and other therapies for Ebola. The $50 million includes $10 million for emergency operations, treatment and research, as well as the purchase of supplies and diagnostic tools, according to media reports.

A World Health Organization team of emergency experts worked with officials to help assess the Ebola situation in Liberia, including its depletion of resources; 14 of Liberia’s 15 counties have now reported confirmed cases, according to the WHO website. “Some 152 healthcare workers have been infected and 79 have died,” according to a WHO situation assessment. “When the outbreak began, Liberia had only one doctor to treat nearly 100,000 people in a total population of 4.4 million people. Every infection or death of a doctor or nurse depletes response capacity significantly.”

More than 3,700 people have contracted Ebola, and there have been more than 1,800 confirmed deaths caused by the disease.

For a list of non-governmental organizations from US AID that are responding to the Ebola crisis, visit

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