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33 timeless truths in nursing

For all of the numerous ways nursing has evolved over the last 150 years, some things will never change.

33 Timeless Truths in Nursing

  1. Your legs will hurt
  2. Your back will hurt
  3. Your body will hurt
  4. You might not get to use the bathroom
  5. You won’t eat lunch on occasion
  6. You can tell a lot from the contents of a bedpan
  7. Some patients will really appreciate you
  8. Some patients will throw things at you
  9. Floating to another unit feels scary
  10. At least once, you’ll forget you were scheduled to work
  11. At least once, you’ll come to work when you aren’t scheduled
  12. Patients will always still be sick on holidays, nights and weekends
  13. Regardless of technology, patient assessment remains the most important thing
  14. Nursing school is no picnic
  15. Care plans are excessively tedious
  16. Documentation is a necessary evil
  17. A little lotion on a patient’s hands or feet will feel blissful
  18. A clean emesis basin makes a great salsa tray
  19. Good pain control is a #1 priority
  20. A good dose of humor will help you survive
  21. Death is part of life
  22. Taking care of yourself ultimately helps you take care of others
  23. For every tale of nurse-to-nurse bullying, there is a story of nurses nurturing their young
  24. You’ll never truly know how many patients whose lives you’ve changed
  25. You’ll have to work on the most beautiful day of the summer
  26. You’ll have to work during the biggest blizzard of the winter
  27. The nurse is the patient’s gatekeeper
  28. Critical thinking is the difference between an average nurse and a phenomenal one
  29. Finding ways to de-stress will help prevent burnout
  30. Doctors will sometimes drive you crazy
  31. Doctors will sometimes be your very best allies
  32. Some patients will stay in your hearts forever
  33. You will stay in some of your patients’ hearts forever



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