Do I have anything to worry about since I forgot to mention I take Ativan when I went for a drug screen as part of job hiring process?

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Dear Donna,

I interviewed for a position at a long-term care facility and submitted a urine sample for drug screening. I didn’t think to tell them I’m on a low 0.5 mg dose of Ativan which I take to help sleep sometimes. They didn’t ask me, and I didn’t think about it until after I got home. Is this something they test for? If benzodiazepines showed up on the screen, would they not hire me?

I have a prescription, and I am in good health. The interview went well, Do I have anything to worry about?

Concerned about Drug Test

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Concerned about Drug Test,

For your question, I consulted Fred DiCostanzo, MA, RN Human Resource specialist. Here’s what he had to say, “The purpose of pre-employment drug screening is to prevent hiring of individuals who use illegal drugs or abuse prescription drugs. People who take prescribed drugs at prescribed doses are usually not excluded from the hiring process. In the case of a suspicious positive result, a representative from the testing company will contact the candidate and provide her with an opportunity to explain the result.”

Based on this information, if anything turns up, you should have the opportunity to explain.

Best wishes,


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