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Can you recommend some nursing associations for a new nurse to join?


Dear Donna,

I’m a new nurse with a BSN degree. Can you recommend some nursing associations for me to join?

New Nurse

Dear Donna replies:

Dear New Nurse,

Congratulations and welcome to the profession! Your question is an important one because it is through our nursing associations that we create community in nursing. And without that community, you may survive but you will never thrive in this profession. This is especially important for new nurses but also important throughout the continuum of your
professional life.

Joining an association isn’t enough. You have to be active in it: Attend meetings, join a committee, run for office or work on a special project. Read “Getting the most from professional associations” (

I recommend that all nurses join their state chapter of The American Nurses Association as well as the national association ( Many, if not most, state chapters of ANA offer reduced dues for new nurses during their first year after graduation. If you have a job or once you get one, you should ideally join the specialty association for the specialty you work in, too. One example is the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses ( Your association dues may be tax-deductible if you itemize on your income taxes. Check with your tax preparer to make sure.

Immerse yourself in the community of nursing and let it embrace you with all it has to offer…and thrive.

Best Wishes,

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