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The many benefits of social media

Are you using social media to its very best advantage? Whether through Twitter, Facebook, blogs or LinkedIn, social media can benefit nurses in many ways. Here are just a few.

7 social media benefits for nurses

1. A voice

Before social media, the news media was the only outlet for nurses to speak about the work they do. Now, through tweeting, posting, sharing and reading, nursing has a new microphone.

2. Information

Want to know the ANA’s stance on a legislative issue? Wondering how to renew your nursing license online? Curious to see what CE opportunities are out there? Looking to take note of the diseases the CDC sees trending? Social media helps spread the word.

3. News

News used to be doled out with a daily newspaper or intermittent news hour. With social media, we often find out about news instantly. Sometimes, it’s possible to “watch” minute-to-minute accounts as a situation unfolds.

4. Community

Social media is nothing if not built upon a community of people. For nurses, community is essential to the well-being of a workforce that endures a high degree of stress. Social media allows nurses to reach out to one another, have important discussions and, sometimes, a good laugh.

5. Activism

Never before have grassroots movements had such a powerful force. Social media gives the ability to spread information quickly, rally groups from across the country and update the masses. Social media has provided an effective platform for nurses to foster real change in health legislation.

6. Networking

You never know when you might come across a new opportunity. That nurse you worked with 10 years ago who is now the director of the regulatory department in a major hospital might be looking for another set of hands. Wouldn’t it be great if she could reach out with a LinkedIn message?

7. Patient Education

Help your patients get the most out of social media by making sure they’re getting the right information. Following organizations like the CDC, the Mayo Clinic, and the American Heart Association can help keep patients informed, up to date, and motivated to live a healthier lifestyle.

Don’t forget to stay smart when it comes to social media usage. Check out our tips for how to use social media without compromising your professional integrity.

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