Is it too late to send a thank you note two weeks after an interview?

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Dear Donna,

I had an interview two weeks ago and haven’t heard anything back yet. Is it too late to send a thank you note? I recently became aware that I should have done so.

Belated Thank-you

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Belated Thank You,

While the interview follow-up or thank-you note is traditionally sent within 24 hours after the interview, it is perfectly okay to send it now. If the position isn’t filled yet, it will be a good reminder to the interviewer that you are still interested. And if you hear in the interim that they have already filled the position, send a note anyway thanking the interviewer for their time, wishing them good luck with the new hire and asking them to keep you in mind for future opportunities.

Read “Follow-up is good form” for additional tips and advice on how to follow-up after an interview (

Best wishes,


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